Author: Karine Lambert
Translator: Melis Oflas

Marguerite had been living a comfortable but dull existence in a suburban town with her straitlaced lawyer husband. When he dies, she realises that life has passed her by.
Marcel had been in a loving relationship with Nora since they left Algeria 60 years before. Now that he has lost her, he has lost his way.
Marguerite and Marcel live in two very different worlds – one rich, one poor. They never should have met. And yet their paths cross at a retreat, and a connection forms….

But will they manage to overcome the disapproval of their friends and families as well as their own misgivings? Or have they left it too late to really follow their hearts’ desires?

Completely enchanting… a gentle and unexpected love story whose characters are drawn with tenderness and touching honesty. I loved it. It deserves to fly off the shelves!’ Ruth Hogan, The Keeper of Lost Things

 ‘This gorgeous, optimistic, often very funny love story is full of the joys and despairs of ageing, and written with a superb simplicity. It’s perfect for the young-at-heart.’ Daily Mail