Jorge Mario Varlotta Levrero, born in Montevideo in 1940 and died there in 2004. Before becaming a cult writer and being considered as a master by many of the best writers in Latin America, Levrero first was a photographer, bookseller comics script writer, humorist, crossword author, creator of brain games. In his later years, he directed a literary workshop.

Levrero’s writing, structured around humour and unease, takes the form of a clean prose based on the psychological that has been characterized as “introspective realism”. His major work La novela luminosa was released posthumously. Another of his most remarkable novels was the involuntary trilogy, formed by the titles La ciudad, El lugarand París

Also, he authored an extensive body of literary work which includes journalistic writing (some of the best articles are to be found in Irrupciones I and Irrupciones II), short stories, novels and essays.


Levrero hated interviews and prologues, loved cinema, he was so interested in self-hypnosis, believed in telepathic phenomena, read about Zen, addicted to computers, loved science, hated being addressed in the “usted” form, could not abide solemnity in general, read detective novels even at breakfast.

“Levrero is Kafka’s everyday flip side, a shadow of Camus with a comical take.” El País

“Style and imagination like Levrero’s are rare in Spanish-language literature.” Antonio Muñoz Molina

“We all her sons.” Álvaro Enrique

“The man who never died”. Germán Beloso, Arcadia